Sunday, 10 August 2014

Richard Hill Review!

Here is a very kind review by Richard Hill the composer! An occult treat, by Richard Hill This review is from: The Vril Codex (Paperback) For those who like stories of the supernatural in the mould of Dan Brown or the great Dennis Wheatley, this first novel by Ben Manning is simply a must! From the comfortable, leafy, well-healed London suburb of Barnes, to the faded, mysterious grandeur of Berlin, this occult thriller carries us along into the realms of romance and conspiracy, history and legend, horror and the supernatural, with Ben Manning’s sharp and succinct writing giving us an almost visual experience of the action. The Vril of the title, the Thule Society, Norse mythology and resurgent, secret Nazi cults, all conspire to make this one of the most enthralling and chilling reads I have enjoyed in a long time. Well done, Ben Manning! Published 10 August 2014 by Richard Hill

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PRG - Paranormal Romance Guild 4 out of 5 review..

4****Stars Book: The Vril Codex Author: Ben Manning Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing Genre: Historical Thriller/Paranormal Rating: Adult Jane and Bob Wilkinson are soul mates. They live in London and their love for each other has given them the ability to have a psychic connection, knowing when one is in trouble or hurt. Jane is a photographer and journalist; Bob is a sports journalist and photographer. Bob covers Cricket; Jane has covered news stories in Iran, Iraq, NorthKorea, and other trouble spots. Jane's new assignment is not typical for her. She is going to Germany to do an arts and design book focusing on Berlin. It is a now and then book telling the history in pictures of Germany during the war and after. Although Jane is not happy with the assignment feeling it is not what she usually does, Bob on the other hand is thrilled that his wife will finally be in a peaceful place where he doesn't have to worry about her. However, sometimes things do not work out the way we plan. This is one of those cases. While in Berlin, Jane begins to see people, not just any people, but prominent people. Her journalistic nose can't stay where it belongs. Before long she is following to see what is going on. She has a nose for news, but in this case her nose did not focus on the danger. She tries to sneak into the mansion these men have been secretly going to. Before long she is discovered, chased, and killed. In the meantime, back in London, Bob has a feeling that something is terribly wrong and that feeling soon proves to be true. The love of his life is dead. Unable to face a life without the woman he loves, he has a nervous breakdown shortly after. He keeps seeing Jane, and is convinced she is either still alive, or coming to him in her spirit form. Bob's friend and Jane's agent convince him that he should go back to Berlin and finish Jane's work as a tribute to her. The idea of having a book pay tribute to his wife makes him agree. That is when he enters into a world of evil. This is a book filled with surprises, evil, supernatural occurrences, and a secret society. It is about the Thule Society, which is trying to bring back the Aryan race Hitler tried to form in Germany, and the following of the Vril. The Vril is a power and force that can heal, change, and destroy. It was the belief that some feel Hitler followed. As a reviewer I am given books to read and review, some of which I would never choose on my own. This book was one of those. I have no interest in Germany or the Vril Codex, yet the author grabbed my interest. The one negative comment I have about the book is that it is a cliffhanger, something I really, really dislike in books. Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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Vril Codex up for review with the Paranormal Romance Guild

Great to be on the PRG list for review...

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Appeal for filmmakers, director and producer for the first Vril FIlm!

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Vril codex II new 4 out of 5 review!

In "The Vril Codex II" by Ben Manning the hero of book one, Bob Wilkinson, has returned to a normal life when on a holiday he comes across a newspaper article that leads him to Helena Hister, a supernatural nemesis of sorts. Readers of book one will probably get the most out of this first section that deals with their connection and the fantastic mythical, cult and the supernatural aspects of the story. The book can however be read as stand alone as the first chapter does bring you up to speed with the themes of this genre blending series. An unexpected and very unlikely inheritance brings Bob to Dresden and in touch with the benefactor's wider family. His digging into the past and the why of the inheritance marks the beginning of the more sinister part of the book. Celverly plotted, with great suspense, action and imagination this fantasy thriller has a lot going for it. Historians, fantasy fans and fans of cult fiction will enjoy this story and its twists. buy it here...

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New five out of Five review on amazon!!

rated five out of five "Something for everyone... What a page turner. This book has something for everyone from creepiness to romance. I was particularly intrigued by the descriptions of Berlin having just been on a visit there myself. This really made the book spring to life. Unfortunately and to my shame I didn't know much of the history of this book. I had never heard of this Vril codex but I loved the way the story had me believing every word (It might actually be true!) Some of the conspiracy theory stuff was a bit mind boggling (do those kind of secret societies really exist?) but all in all I really enjoyed it. The author has an excellent turn of phrase which really spoke to me and the characters developed nicely throughout. I look forward to another book from this author. "