Just this quick note:
A while back, my pal Ben Manning published his debut novel, The Vril Codex, through an independent publisher. I have had the honor to review the book twice already,, one time for my Coleridge website, and another one today, for Amazon.
Now, people who know my way of reviewing stuff might know that I value my own integrity over being flattering, or a good fellow, or whatever – so, I didn’t give those “five stars” for nothing.
While The Vril Codex is certainly genre literature, and if you’re looking for heavy medititations on the human condition, that’s not the book for you to read, but it is a thoroughly entertaining tale in the tradition of Indiana Jones, and it doesn’t vex people with the sensationalism that, say, modern mystery writers like Dan Brown use to inflate their stories.
Ben Manning’s book is an entertaining, and rewarding read, and while I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if he hadn’t asked me to, I am very glad I did.
From what I understand, Ben has a sequel planned as well, and I am going to grab myself that next one, too.
So, if you’re in for a light-hearted, escapist read for the summer, and are into conspiracies, and adventurous chases, please consider: The Vril Codex
And please honor that I wrote this quick review without either inserting a single spoiler, or without engaging in a page-long diatribe about the writings of Edward Bulwer-Lytton.