Sunday, 10 August 2014

Richard Hill Review!

Here is a very kind review by Richard Hill the composer! An occult treat, by Richard Hill This review is from: The Vril Codex (Paperback) For those who like stories of the supernatural in the mould of Dan Brown or the great Dennis Wheatley, this first novel by Ben Manning is simply a must! From the comfortable, leafy, well-healed London suburb of Barnes, to the faded, mysterious grandeur of Berlin, this occult thriller carries us along into the realms of romance and conspiracy, history and legend, horror and the supernatural, with Ben Manning’s sharp and succinct writing giving us an almost visual experience of the action. The Vril of the title, the Thule Society, Norse mythology and resurgent, secret Nazi cults, all conspire to make this one of the most enthralling and chilling reads I have enjoyed in a long time. Well done, Ben Manning! Published 10 August 2014 by Richard Hill