Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Amazon ( The Vril Codex Review

Amazon Review: A phobic Mantra...You may be confused by my review title but don't be, it is a well thought out novel with references to some real and truthful relics. This is Ben Manning's first novel and like all newcomers he has drawn upon his own life experience to put at least part of the story on the page, the rest is a detective story much like Alice through the looking Glass meets the Famous Five. I am not refering to it as a children's story but more as to the solution is brought to light in the number of people trying to solve the problem. If you are a subscriber to the Ancient Aliens story or are a historical fan looking for a bit of sci-fi escape this is the book for you. It is an easy read. The multimedia version gives a lot of distraction for those into gadgets but if you like a story look no further than the page.  (Mr J Andrews)

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