Saturday, 22 June 2013

New AMAZON Germany Review - 4 out of 5

To peak your interest in preparation for the new edition later this year read on...

4.0 von 5 Sternen Indiana Jones-y, good natured fun, of the kind that one doesn't really find any more., 22. Juni 2013

Von Amazon bestÃĪtigter Kauf(Was ist das?)

Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Vril Codex (Kindle Edition)
Ben asked me to review the book for [...] earlier this year,
and I was initially very sceptical, because, you know, oh the annoyance if the review isn't pleasing, but...

Hell yeah, I enjoyed this one, and big time!

Now, granted, it's not, whatever, Marcel Proust, but it's a beautiful, and thoroughly entertaining adventure novel,
very much in the style of the old "Indiana Jones" tales, and, quite frankly, aeons ahead of Dan Brown's literary outings.

"The Vril Codex" deserves a bigger readership, and,in general, more recognition.

Let's put it like this:
I have little time to read these days. I have to handpick the books I read for leisure, or I get all messy with my free time.
And I didn't regret this one. And, more than that, I think Ben is planning a sequel.

I will read that one, too.

And I never read sequels. Except when I do!

So, go, and read this one! :)

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