Thursday, 10 October 2013

new amazon review...4 out of 5 " Dameon M. Keller This review is from: The Vril Codex (Paperback) Disclaimer, I don't read much fiction, and when I do, it's not usually fantasy. I do read a lot of non-fiction about Vril, the real history and works of Keely, Leedskalnin, Schauberger, and Schumann. However once I started reading Manning's dark and mysterious story, I was drawn in by the characters. He has a great way of creating an immediate interest in them. When we get to the thick of the story, we are taken to a dark underworld (literally in part) of a group of Nazis who have (somehow) flourished in Berlin all these years. Vril itself plays a relatively small role in the story, other than that it is of course the source of power for the vampiric and nefarious Nazis, plotting their return. For me personally it's a bit hard to stay "into" a fictional book about real things, and without spoilers, I'll just say Manning does draw his inspiration from information such as that in the History Channels' "Dark Fellowships" documentary. In this, one "historian" throws out damning speculations with no evidence whatsoever, while the other, with 25 years of research, tells us a few facts, which were to be revealed in his book that somehow never was published, despite having an ISBN issued, cover designed, etc. So one can't blame Manning for his one-sided view of Vril and it's definitions, and though it's in the title, the bigger mystery to me is why he's had such a difficult struggle with publishing. The only reason I can see is the over-saturation of the fantasy market, and I'm pretty sure the words "Vampire" and "Zombie" only appear once each in the book, and only descriptively, which I would think makes his book a unique breath of fresh air to the genre. I hope that wider distribution opens up for it in the near future, it's a great read for a chilly night under a blanket. "

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